Trying to find ways to watch the Playstation Meeting 2013 tonight. Of course at 6PM EST I have to go to work until 1AM. I'll have to stream it later tonight after work but I want to at least read about it or listen to it.

Alright guys, need some help. I will be getting my first car in the coming days. Though I've been doing some research for months now and have my car "somewhat" experts (they are fanatics and know their stuff but are a bit biased), I'm still on the fence on what to get.

Alright, I was having issues with Beats Audio on my HP Envy m4 laptop so I found a way to uninstall it. The problem was it was auto leveling all my music and would have volume swings which sounds horrible when I'm DJing live. I installed Realtek HD Audio Drivers and it seemed work perfectly. Now that I restarted my…

I ordered a used Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101-B1 for $190. Sadly, because I have to wait longer, I found another one for $150 so I have to return the other one when it arrives and wait another good 2 weeks for the $150 to arrive.

I'm looking at getting a Tablet for myself and my mother and grandma. I'm dead set on getting them a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7in since I can get it for $168 used. For myself I want a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1in that I can get for $247 used.

I just got a phone a month ago and barely used it. I don't understand the obsession with phones but I do love some of the apps I'm using. I just got PowerAmp and Widget Locker and love these programs. I guess I just needed to find apps that actually work well with my phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 2 4G and was…

I love my 3DS and I'm playing Super Mario 3D Land but I just want to finish the game at this point. Not b/c its a bad game (I'd give it a 10/10 easily) but b/c I want to get started on Kingdom Hearts: 3D and Legend of Zelda: OoT.

My 3DS is coming in the mail today, finally after 2 weeks! It's my first time buying from CowBoom so I'm excited to see what quality it is. Most people say they got perfect condition products from CB so hopefully I do too.

So I brought Borderlands 2 and plan on playing it on my laptop. I have a Acer Aspire 7741G. Now I have done a CanYouRunIt test and it shows as minimum passing. I have an i5 750GB 4GBRAM 2.66GHz laptop that can play Batman AC on max settings.


Going to bite it and sell my Vita on eBay. I wanted the Vita since they announced and showed it off I think two years ago. Was extremely excited when I got it at launch too. So far though, I've been regretting getting it. Though I'm broke right now and that's the actual reason for me not getting any games, it's really…